TN Temporary Work Visa Application Package

TN Temporary Work Visa Application Guide Package Description:

Under the TN Visa, citizens of Canada and Mexico are allowed to come work in the United States. This visa only applies for those foreign citizens in Mexico and Canada. To be approved for this visa, the applicant must meet certain requirements. The spouse and children of the foreign national applying may also be granted derivative status, but may be by eligible to work in the United States.

In the TN Temporary Work Visa package you’ll find:

  • All the forms needed to complete your TN Application.
  • All the terms and abbreviations needed to break down what every single line in the form means.
  • Guide to establishing your ethnic background.
  • Overview of the TN Application and what it entails.
  • Requirements for Eligibility of TN Application.
  • All the step by step procedures.
  • Translation of Documents.
  • All the contact information for the Government Agencies and American Embassies and Consulates.
  • FAQ about the TN Application process.
  • Checklist for all the required documentation.