Green Card Through Employment:

Family members are eligible to be sponsored for permanent residence here in the United States if they are relatives of US citizens and permanent residents.

If your ones of those people who are seeking a job in the United States in order to obtain an employment based green card this is for you.

The green card for multinationals and executives are meant for foreign employees coming to the U.S. to work on an executive or managerial level. The sponsor must have legal ties to the corporation the foreign employee is coming from.

The green card for domestic employee or unskilled Labor application is meant for someone who wants to come here to work a labor job. The employer must have the Labor Certification approved first.

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Do you need to apply for a green card? If so then we can help. At Immigration Made Ez we can assist you with the US green card application. We’re a South Florida based business that understands how difficult it can be to become a citizen of the United States. Our services include filing out green card applications online. You’re not alone, we can help you apply for a green card and take the initial step toward becoming a US citizen. The green card application process includes making sure you are eligible. Once you have a green card you will be able to travel in and outside of the United States easily. It is also your first step before you can apply for naturalization.

Let Us Help You Through the Entire Green Card Process

The main categories to become a green card holder include gaining a green card through your family, a green card through a job, a green card through asylee or refugee status, as well as a few other ways. Since there are so many ways in which to get a green card it is important that you understand which way is the best possible way for you. We are more than happy to explain the process as well as assist you when it comes to filling out applications. Our services include making sure your forms are filled out right the first time. Whether you’re a multi-national manager or executive we can assist you in getting green cards for foreign employees that are ready to come to the United States for work purposes. We can even provide managerial or executive level green card services.

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