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U.S. Visa Applications:

The B-1 Business Visa is for those individuals temporarily visiting the United States for business reasons such as meetings, consultations, and conferences.

The B-2 Tourist Visa is for those individuals temporarily visiting the United States for pleasure or medical reasons.

The I-539 form is filed by someone who wants to continue their visit in the U.S. It is also meant for changing a non-immigrant status

This visa is made for fiances of U.S. Citizens. This permits foreign fiances to travel to the United States to get married.

By applying for K-3/K-4 or V-1/V-2 visas, U.S. Citizens are given the opportunity to bring over their spouse/children into the United States. V-2 and V-2 visas are intended for spouse and children for Lawful Permanent Residents, while the K-3 and K-4 visas are meant for U.S. Citizens.

F-1 visa is meant for non-immigrants wanting to study academics and/or language learning programs and the M-1 visa is meant for non-immigrants wanting to go for vocational studies.

The J-1 non-immigrant visa is meant for individuals who are approved to join an exchange visitor program here in the United States

This is for J-1 Visa holders only. The purpose of the J-1 Waiver is so that J-1 Visa holders could possibly stay in the U.S. for work or study purposes, or even to live.

Related Forms-

The DV lottery stands for Diversity Visa Lottery. This lottery is meant to give away Green Cards through a lottery process.

The I-539 form is filed by someone who wants to continue their visit in the U.S. It is also meant for changing a non-immigrant status.

Form I-94 is reviewed by a U.S. Customer Border Protection Officer which is then update the form with your arrival date and the date expected to departure. This form is provided by the airline or transportation company.

Form I-134 is used to sponsor a foreign person to come to the U.S. The sponsor must have the proper proof that the person entering will not become a public charge, which refers to someone who depends on the government for financial purposes.

A United States citizen is allowed to bring his or her parents to the U.S. to be lawful permanent residents and eventually U.S. citizens. Unfortunately a green card holder cannot bring a parent to the United States.

To petition for your parents to live in the United States you must be at least 21 years old. Children of your parents (your siblings) cannot be included in the petition. Bringing siblings to the United States is a different process.

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Which Type of Visa Is Right for You?

Typically, we are asked which type of visa is perfect for your needs. There are two types of US visas, the non-immigrant and the immigrant visas. A non-immigrant visa gives travelers entrance into the US for a temporary amount of time for a specific reason whether it’s for business or tourism. An immigrant visa permits a traveler to enter the United States so they can work or live permanently in the country. There are many visas within these two types categories of visas, as well. It doesn’t have to be a confusing process. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect visa so you can legally enter the United States.

US Visa Applications That Are Available Include the Following:

  • B-1 Business Visa Applications
  • B-2 Tourist Visa Applications
  • B-1/B-2 Visitors Visa Extension Applications
  • I-539 Continued Stay Applications

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