Cuban Adjustment


A Cuban citizen who has lived in the U.S. for one year and one day can apply for lawful permanent residence by filling out and submitting USCIS Form I-485, with the following supporting documents:

  • Two photos, passport-style.
  • A copy of the applicant's birth certificate (with a full, word-for-word translation, if it's not in English).
  • Fees for applications and biometrics (as specified on the USCIS website).
  • Form G-325A, Biographic Information, for applicants between 14 and 79 years of age.
  • Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, filled out by a civil surgeon after your medical exam.
  • Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record (or other evidence of inspection and admission or parole into the United States).
  • Evidence of having spent one year physically present in the United States (such as school records, apartment leases, pay stubs from a U.S. employer, and so forth).

You must prepare and submit a separate application for each family member. The application must be sent in by mail, not submitted to a local immigration office. Complete instructions can be found via the link to the form above, on the website of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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We Can Help You Use the Cuban Adjustment Act to Get a Green Card

Are you Cuban and trying to get a green card within the United States? If so then you may be able to use the Cuban Adjustment Act. This act allows for a special procedure in which Cuban citizens or natives, as well as their spouses and children can get a green card for permanent residence. The CAA has given the Attorney General the discretion to permit residence to Cuban citizens and natives that want to get a green card if they’ve been present in the US for one year, they’ve been paroled or admitted, or they’re admissible as immigrants. At Immigration Made Ez we can help you with applications and forms for permanent residence, or a green card. Located in South Florida, we’re the specialists with the forms, applications and services you need.

We Can Help You with the Cuban Adjustment Process

The CAA has made it much easier for Cubans to get their green card if they understand the process and know how to complete the forms. That’s where we come in. At Immigration Made Ez we take care of all
of the hard work for you and provide all of the supporting documents and information you require. We can assist you in filling out forms correctly and submitting them. All you need to do is supply two photos that are passport style and a copy of your birth certificate along with a word-for-word translation if it’s not already in English.

Different Cuban Adjustment Forms Include the Following:

  • USCIS Form l-485
  • Form G-325A
  • Form l-693
  • Form l-94

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Cuban Adjustment