Prepare Your Application Replace Arrival Departure Record Online!

ImmigrationmadeE-Z provides an easy and effective way to properly prepare and complete your application to replace arrival departure record (Form I-102). Our easy-to-use form guide will ensure that you’ll have everything you need to complete your official application with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. $200 Arrival – Departure Record Package plus USCIS Filing Fees.

Replacing Form I-94 Arrival Departure Record Using Form I-102

Form I-94 is reviewed by a U.S. Customer Border Protection Officer which is then update the form with your arrival date and the date expected to departure. This form is provided by the airline or transportation company.

If needed to apply for a new, ruined, or incorrect Arrival-Departure Record, Form I-102 is what you need. Foreign immigrants entering the United States as nonimmigrant visitors may use this form to obtain or replace the following:

  • Arrival Departure Record – Form I-94
  • Visa Waiver Arrival Departure Record – Form I-94W
  • Crewman Landing Permit – Form I-95

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