U.S. Entry Visa for Spouse or Child Package

K-3 and V-1/V-2 U.S. Entry Visa for Spouse or Child Application Guide Package Description:

By applying for K-3/K-4 or V-1/V-2 visas, U.S. Citizens are given the opportunity to bring over their spouse/children into the United States. V-2 and V-2 visas are intended for spouse and children for Lawful Permanent Residents, while the K-3 and K-4 visas are meant for U.S. Citizens. In order to qualify for either one of these, the U.S sponsor must first file the Form I-130, which is an immigrant petition on behalf of their qualifying spouse/children. In certain situations, it is possible for the visa holders to enter the United States while the Form I-130 is being processed, then apply for a Green Card once the petition has been approved.

In this package you’ll find: All the forms needed to get your B-1 Business Visa.

  • All the terms and abbreviations needed to break down what every single line in the form means.
  • Guide to establishing your ethnic background.
  • Descriptions for the “K” and “V” Visas.
  • Requirements for Eligibility.
  • Translation of Documents.
  • All the contact information for the Government Agencies and American Embassies and Consulates.
  • FAQ about the K-3 and V-1/V-2 U.S. Entry Visa application process.
  • Checklist for all the required documentation.
  • Maintaining, changing, or extending V non-immigrant status, or termination of V status.