DV Lottery and Ways to Obtain a Green Card

The DV lottery stands for Diversity Visa Lottery. This lottery is meant to give away Green Cards through a lottery process. To have a chance of winning the Green Card you must be be in one of the many qualifying countries. This Diversity Visa Lottery is geared toward creating more diversity in the United States. Because of this, only countries that aren’t represented in U.S. Immigration are typically the ones that are allowed to apply. Only a small percent of applicants actually win, so having a back up plan for getting into the U.S. is recommended. For more information and instructions, click here to visit the state website.

Other Ways to Obtain a Green Card:

Family – If you have family in the U.S. you may easily get a green card to come over, especially if your family sponsors you. Also, the U.S. Government strongly encourages families to stay together so when you come over your family may also receive green cards. Check out our package for obtaining a green card through/for family.

Marriage – If your fiance or spouse is a citizen of the U.S., you can obtain a green card through marriage. Check out our package for obtaining a green card through marriage.

Employment – If you work and your employer wants to sponsor you to come to the U.S. for work purposes, you may be able to come over and might even be granted permanent residency. Check out our package for obtaining a green card through employment.

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